Võru County Government CV

About Võru County Government and its activities

Võru County Government is a regional government agency, directed by the County Governor, who represents the national interests in the county and is responsible for the balanced and comprehensive development of the county. County Governor is appointed to the office by the Government for a 5 year term, on the proposal of the Minister of Regional Affairs.

Võru County Government consists of 3 departments: chancellery, department of development and planning; department of education, culture and social department that covers the following areas:

  • Planning the county's regional development
  • Realization of state social and healthcare policy in the county and keeping population registries
  • Birth, marriage, divorce and death registration
  • Co-ordination of the work of the municipalities
  • Co-ordination of county's public transport activities
  • Supervision of educational institutions
  • Management of land reform in the county
  • Managing the regional development and international projects
  • Developing the economic environment and infrastructure
  • Organizing the county level and local work of the EU information service Europe Direct (www.facebook.com/EuropeDirectVoru)

Võru County has a long history in keeping active foreign relations on county level with South-Yutland and Borholm County (Denmark), Värmland County (Sweden) and Keski-Pohjanmaa (Finland). In cooperation with local municipalities, the county government has participated in several tourism and development projects with Aluksne District (Latvia) and Pskov Region (Russia).


CBC project experience:

Võru County Government has participated in several EU part-financed projects and has experience in CBC projects:

  • Phare CBC "Võru County educational development plan" 2005 (partner) and several Norden projects. 
  • INTERREG IIIB "Baltic Rural Broadband Project" 2007-2008 (partner)
  • EU's Baltic Sea Region Program "Public Energy Alternatives – Sustainable energy strategies as a chance for regional development" 2009-2012 (partner)
  • INTERREG IVC "Digital Local Agenda" 2010-2012 (partner)
  • Estonia-Latvia-Russia cross border cooperation Programme "Fostering of Socio-economic Development and Encouraging Business in Border Areas" 2013-2014 (partner)
  • Swedish Institute "Digital Baltic – Promoting Digital Innovation in Public Sector Innovation"2014 (partner)
  • EEA Grants „Development of children's communication and problem-solving skills" 2014-2015 (lead partner)


Võru County Government
Jüri 12
65620 Võru, Estonia
Tel: +372 786 8301


About Võru County

Võru County is the most Southern county of Estonia, the only one bordering two different states - Latvian Republic (in the South) and Russian Federation (in the East). The territory of the county covers 2,305 km² and 33 426 people live here, that is 2.5% of the total population in Estonia. The County centre is Võru town with 12 571 inhabitants. The county is subdivided into 12 rural municipalities and 1 urban municipality - Võru town.

The main economical sectors of the Võru County are forestry, wood processing, furniture industry, food industry and tourism. 47% of enterprises in the county belong to primary sector (agriculture, forestry), 38% of enterprises work in tertiary sector (trade, services) and 15% of enterprises are involved in secondary sector (processing industry).


For Tourists: 

Võru Tourist Information Centre: Jüri 12, 65605 Võru; tel/fax (+372) 782 18 81; voru@visitestonia.com
Võru County's official tourism website: http://www.visitvoru.ee/en/


For Investors: 

"Invest In Võru" webpage: http://www.investinvoru.com
E-brochure for small and medium enterprises: «Entering the Estonian Market»